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About us

About The BlackBerry Cafe

The BlackBerry Cafe is the premier Chandler cafe serving breakfast and lunch daily. It is conveniently located in the heart of Chandler on the northwest corner of Dobson Rd and Warner Rd, next to LA Fitness. When you come to visit you'll be greeted by our hostess and seated in a delightful natural light setting. All dishes are prepared with quality ingredients and expert culinary skills to provide delectable flavors. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. Some soups and other dishes are made from scratch.

About The Owners

The BlackBerry Cafe is family-owned and operated by the husband wife team Reggie and Setkia Memishovski. Reggie is the head chef and Setkia (the “t" is silent) is the head hostess and manager. They successfully ran a restaurant in Chicago for over 20 years before selling that business and moving to Chandler. There were discussions of a warm retirement, but who can retire from something they love doing so much? Serving yummy meals to the local community is something they brought with them from Chicago as they make Chandler their new home.

About The Team

Whenever you come to the BlackBerry Cafe you'll be greeted by a warm and friendly staff member. The hostesses and servers are here to help make your experience a pleasant one. If you need something, don't hesitate to ask.

3 reasons why BlackBerry Cafe
Is The Best Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant
in Chandler

  • BlackBerry Cafe is a family-owned breakfast & lunch restaurant with a large seating area and a comfortable environment! We keep our restaurant exceptional clean.
  • BlackBerry Cafe use high-quality ingredient and locally grown produce to bring a healthy lifestyle as well as delicious dining experience. We are here to support local businesses like ours.
  • Outstanding customer services that make everyone a family of our cafe!